Bahaa Abdullah, CFO of Iskraemeco

Bahaa Abdullah, CFO of Iskraemeco
Earlier this year, we have reached a huge milestone: 75 years in business, a significant milestone that few companies achieve. It’s astonishing to think how far we’ve come and what we have achieved.

We have witnessed a lot of changes, but one thing has not changed. Passionate, dedicated, motivated people. To be in business for 75 years requires having incredible people in the company. You all deserve a big round of applause for all your hard work and unconditional dedication. Congratulations to you for being a part of the journey! We would not have come so far without our valued customers and partners. Thank you for the tremendous support you have shown us and for trusting Iskraemeco with your business.

With your support and trust, we have become a world leading smart solution provider. In the coming years, we will focus on the growth and development of the company, but in a very specific direction − we want to continue pursuing Iskraemeco’s mission of delivering quality products and services, as well as business and technological excellence. We know that the future will be “smart” and with its state-of-theart products and solutions, Iskraemeco is one of the leading companies even in the Smart Solutions and IoT Energy sector. All businesses strive to become more sustainable and deliver consumer-centric service.
Real-time data provided by smart meters in an IoT environment will enable utilities to proactively plan any intervention in the field. Armed with data, utilities can have a clearer view of all assets in the grid and can make meaningful investments and operational decisions on how to best balance compliance, reliability, safety and risk.

What matters most now is what we do next. Our limit, as we always say, is the sky. This is the beginning of a new era. There are more great things to come. This is your victory − we have earned it together. Thank you for helping make Iskraemeco a fantastic company now and for decades to come.