Iskraemeco is celebrating! Together we dare to dream about the next 75 years in business!

Iskraemeco is celebrating! Together we dare to dream about the next 75 years in business!
On the wings of our past achievements, decades of experience and a wealth of expertise, we dare to dream about the next 75 challenges to come. The future lies in the connectivity of people!


May the ideas and aspirations that go beyond our work be the foundation of another successful era. May connectivity, normally associated with advanced technologies, become a signature feature of our teams and the community. When connected, people inspire each other to create the future.

First under the name of Strojne tovarne Kranj, then as Iskra, the company known today as Iskraemeco, a globally-recognized provider of smart metering solutions, looks to the future while respectfully acknowledging the past. In celebrating this anniversary, we will showcase the key achievements of the past decades along with the visions and dreams we have for the time ahead.

We invite our employees, teams, external experts and partners from all over the globe to help us compile at least 75 daring views for the future. We will collect and select your thoughts and proposals on various communication media using the hashtag #next75.

A company that is committed to delivering world-changing smart and sustainable solutions can turn these big visions into reality by mastering emerging technologies and original concepts.

At a time when connectivity is at the heart of all technological solutions, we have a desire to enhance what these solutions are built to achieve – connectivity among people!

Inspired by the slogan ‘Connectivity is all about people’ , the anniversary, which we are commemorating in such uncertain times, will be focused on promoting and cultivating contacts among company employees, with people who built this company, as well as with the environment and the global professional and business arena.

We hope that the future has many proud moments in store for us, moments that we will share with Iskraemeco’s employees, partners, customers, the local community and all other stakeholders. Let us unite in search of a vision that reaches beyond our work. Thank you for choosing to look ahead in time with us!